Civilization is the process of enlarging the category of We and Us, and moving people out of They and Them until no one is left in it.

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Chad Miller
Orlando, Florida
+1 321 445 1123

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curriculum vitæ

  • I grew up in the woods of Georgia US, and now live in Orlando Florida US.
  • I take photos, but not as many as I used to.
  • I like to play what is likely the oldest board-game in the world, Go / Weiqi.
  • My day job is to write Free software. You should try it. I have used Linux almost exclusively since 1995. That probably says a lot about me.
  • I have travelled a bit, and am eager for more. Some trips, from memory: Paris, Seattle, Vieques, Paris, Boston, Heidelberg, Munich, Dublin, Galway, Stockholm, Uppsala, Riga, Helsinki, Istanbul, Stockholm, Barcelona, Boston, Paris, Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Portland, C√≥rdoba (AR), Buenos Aires, London, Buenos Aires, London, Malta, Prague, Taiwan. I'm trying to get to Tangier, Istanbul (my fave), India, Vietnam. Next up: The Hague
  • I have a great wife, and a pretty good son. He is literate enough to tweet, and I upload videos sometimes. He plays Go too.

Contact info: +1-321-445-1123,, @chadmiller. GPG: 0xa806deac30420066

I keep a sparse wish-list at Amazon.