Civilization is the process of enlarging the category of We and Us, and moving people out of They and Them until no one is left in it.

Chad Miller’s stuff

Yep. That Chad.

Chad Miller
Seattle, Washington
+1 321-445-1123

curriculum vitæ

  • I grew up in the woods of Georgia US, and now live in Seattle Washington US.
  • I take photos, but not as many as I used to.
  • I like to play what is likely the oldest board-game in the world, Go / Weiqi.
  • Current job is improving Amazon’s lend-me-a-thousand-computers-for-two-weeks kind of business. My previous job was to help make Ubuntu’s desktop nicer. (You should try it. It's nice.) I have used Linux almost exclusively since 1995. That probably says a lot about me.
  • I have travelled a bit: Paris ×4, Orlando (12 years!), Seattle, Vieques, Boston, Heidelberg, Munich, Dublin, Galway, Stockholm ×2, Uppsala, Riga, Helsinki, Istanbul, Barcelona, Boston, Brussels, London ×4, Copenhagen, Portland ×2, C√≥rdoba (AR), Buenos Aires ×2, Malta, Prague, Taiwan, The Hague. I’m trying to get to Morocco, Istanbul (so far my fave), India, and Vietnam.
  • I have a great wife, and a pretty good son. He is literate enough to tweet (though he doesn't any more), and I upload videos sometimes. He plays Go too.
  • I had cancer at age 25 and a freak heart-attack at 35. If you think that might instill serenity, wisdom, or gravitas, I probably have a fart-joke for you.

latest projects

Contact info: +1-321-445-1123,, @chadmiller. GPG: 0xa806deac30420066 Use Signal.

I keep a sparse wish-list at Amazon.